Baby Portraits In Lincoln

What a fantastic end to the month, we had 3 lovely young ladies in the studio today to have some portraits taken. Lets hope that they love their new images as much as we did taking them and hopefully they will be back again soon to have some more taken.

Baby portraits are always difficult to compose especially when a baby is past the new born stage but not quite at the sitting up stage. As todays portrait sessions prove there are several ways that this can be overcome including covering parents in white cloth so that they appear invisible to the camera.


Also remember that you do not have to stick to the standard poses when doing baby photography you can always try to incorporate new poses into the shoots, obviously these are not always for the best however you can be surprised with the results especially when you have finished the post production of the images.

You also have to remember that patients is the key when photographing babies and children, unlike adults who will generally do as you request children often will not. In the case of babies they just don’t understand what you want them to do. You also have to content with the child becoming upset as they are in unfamiliar surroundings, one key to help overcome this issue is to either have a favourite toy / toys of the child nearby or have a noisy studio toy at the ready just in case the tears do start.

As a general rule of thumb when working with children book double the time you expect the shoot to take, as you never know quite what will happen or if there will be unexpected stoppages during the shoot, also keep some wet wipes to hand just in case.

Another thing to remember that breaking with tradition and using selective colour techniques in your baby portrait photographs can help increase sales and boost your portfolio with some interesting variations of imagery.