Busy Week

What a busy few weeks it is proving to be, we are now fully booked for photography shoots into May, we never believed that the free portrait sittings would prove so popular. It is interesting to note however that our of all of the sittings that have been booked only 4 of them actually followed all of the instructions set out on the promotional voucher (good job we were not being job’s worth about it). We are looking forward to trying some new creative ideas in the next few weeks so if you fancy playing with fire please just let us know.

We are also pleased to announce that the overhaul of www.angelswishlist.com is now complete, the site has had just about every part of it rebuilt (including custom captcha’s). We must admit however we think the website is now looking the nicest it has ever looked despite the fact that we had reservations about its colour scheme to begin with. We will be eagerly looking forward to performing a new Fashion Photography Shoot with them in the very near future.

Lets not also forget the new video that has been produced for www.hbk-squad.co.uk to promote their Squad Grand Prix that will be taking place on Sunday 29th lets all wish them the very best and hope they have a fantastic turn out.