Monthly archives:May 2012

  • Wire Wool Experiments

  • So here at JL Cre8ive Images Photographer In Lincoln we have been looking into different ways to light images or different types of photography. When we first saw some pictures of people spinning wire wool we though WOW they look fun, so we decided that we had to give this a try for ourselves. We we [...]
  • HBK Karate Promotional Video

  • We are pleased to announce the new promotional video for HBK Karate & Martial Arts In Lincoln the video is aimed at showcasing the clubs internal tournament and to get more people interested in taking part in the squads activities that coincide and compliment the main clubs syllabus. The new [...]
  • Lincoln Medieval Fete

  • Was nice to get out of the studio today and visit the Medieval Fete that was taking place at Lincoln Cathedral today. Event photography is not normally something that we do a great deal of as our work if more Portrait / Boudoir / Wedding or Fashion based. So in a way it was a rare treat to be photog [...]

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