New Print Prices and Shopping Cart

We have been very busy over the last few weeks getting in peoples family portrait sittings so that we can get their images ordered and delivered in time for Christmas, One thing that has become apparent is that everyone would prefer a greater selection and choice when it comes to getting their prints and other photograph related products printed. We have been looking at various options and have found a second lab that we now intend to work with, this new lab is going to be able to offer us prints at much more competitive rates however the quality is closer to that of a standard photograph than the ones supplied by our other photographic lab. We intend to offer prints from both labs simultaneously and hopefully this will also enable us to bring some exciting new products in to purchase as well including split frame canvas prints.

To go with the new products we have also been getting more and more requests for gift vouchers for our sittings, we have decided that we will be offering gift vouchers / gift experiences as a full product in the very near future and we are currently developing / testing a new ordering system that will enable you to make purchases on-line and with a credit / debit card.

We look forward in implementing these changes in the very near future and we will update you with more information as soon as we can,