Family Portrait Sitting Gift Vouchers – Purchased prior to 01/12/2013

As we posted about on our website and social media pages at the beginning of this month and looking at the amount of vouchers that we currently have outstanding that were purchased prior to this date we have made the decision to set an expiry date on all vouchers purchased prior to 01/12/2013. We have decided that all vouchers purchased prior to this date will now have a validity of 1 year from today, this means that all vouchers purchased prior to 01/12/2013 will expire on 31/12/2014. If you have tried to book with your voucher prior to this date and we have been unable to get you booked in we will extend the voucher to 31/01/2015. We have just emailed all customers who have purchased a voucher affected by this and advised them of the change in the validity period and if you wish you can return your voucher to us in the next 14 days for a full refund this change only affects a small hand full of customers. This does not affect vouchers purchased on or after 01/12/2013 as these will all be valid for 12 months from the date of purchase.


Many thanks for your understanding with this,