New Look Website

as many of our customers are aware we have maintained our old look website for coming up to 2 years this year. At the time of creating it the site was state of the art but as technology has changed and progressed forward so has the needs of the average website user.

Late in 2013 we identified an issue with our old website in that people viewing the website on mobile or tablet devices where experiencing difficulties in navigating the site, there were also some graphical issues with images not displaying correctly and random parts of the website moving from their set locations.

We are currently building our new website, we hope that you find the new look appealing. We are very excited about it especially as we are now fully responsive and the site now looks and functions nicely on 98% of mobile devices.

As a side effect of changing the look of the website we have lost some of our image galleries, we will be working on this over the next few days to add some new galleries and imagery to the website. Please keep this in mind when viewing us as present and please remember to check back one the website soon.