Bridal Boudoir Photoshoots

We are often contacted by brides regarding Bridal Boudoir Photography and we are always asked for examples of the type we aim for in a sitting. We always give people 2 options when booking a Bridal Boudoir Sitting the first is a studio type sitting on a white and black background this is normally the cheaper option. The second option is to have a shoot in a suite at one of the hotels in the uphill area of the city this is generally more expensive as the cost of the suite has to be factored in.

Bridal Boudoir Photography Lincoln


We do find that most brides tend to lean towards the studio type shoots so we have decided to carry out of of these types of shoot with a model to help show the types of image that can be achieved in a studio environment. We are planning on launching a new service for Bridal Boudoir Photography in the next few weeks that includes a photobook for the clients to give to their partner on the day of the wedding. Until this si ready to be published please find the new images from our shoot with Verenah that show you just some of the images we can achieve.