Getting Children’s Attention

This can be one of the most challenging aspects of any family portrait sitting and as our clients will no doubt admit we often go to some extreme lengths to help get children looking in the direction that we need in order for the portraits to look their best.


With this in mind we are constantly looking for new ideas to try be it bubble machines, funny music, stickers, Bert (our camera mascot) or even playing hide and seek whilst jumping up and down…

Over last week a friend of ours came across a new concept one that in almost a decade of taking family photographs we had never seen before. The new concept is Lens Buddies, these are funny looking characters or animals that attach to the lens of the camera to hide the camera itself and the photographers head. We felt that these were too good not to be worth giving them a try on our coming family portrait sittings.

Some of our clients will have had the opportunity to meet Laura, what most people do not know is that Laura is actually quite handy when it comes to crochet and other crafts. Laura has spent the weekend making us some rather cool Lens Buddies that will be used on our shoots over the next few weeks. If you have a shoot with one of these it would be fantastic if you can give us your feedback on what you think of these.